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Serendipity Farm & Sanctuary - Alpacas & Llamas

A Safe Home for Healthy Happy Animals, Camelid Education and Experiences!

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Huacaya Alpacas

Open (Female)

A good mom and leader female
Open (Female) 15 yrs Light Fawn Proven
A Wonderful "People" Alpaca!
Open (Female) 18 yrs Medium Fawn Proven
Beautiful grey multi!
Open (Female) 14 yrs Dark Silver Grey Proven
Beautiful fine Mahogany fibre
Open (Female) 10 yrs Dark Brown Proven
A true sweetheart!!
Open (Female) 12 yrs Light Fawn Proven
Our 2014 golden girl!
Open (Female) 9 yrs Medium Fawn Proven
Big strong girl!
Open (Female) 8 yrs Light Fawn Unproven
Good solid mom!
Open (Female) 16 yrs White Proven
LeeLoo's first cria!
Open (Female) 7 yrs Bay Black Unproven
Our Annie with Beautiful Black Fibre!
Open (Female) 9 yrs True Black Proven
Big Beautiful White Girl!!
Open (Female) 11 yrs White Unproven
Beautiful and fiesty white!
Open (Female) 12 yrs White Proven
Beautiful True Black!
Open (Female) 5 yrs True Black Unproven
Stunning Silky Fibre!
Open (Female) 5 yrs White Unproven


A Farm Pet Forever!!
Male 10 yrs White, Medium Fawn Non-Breeder
Friendly companion and greeter!
Male 9 yrs Medium Brown Non-Breeder
A Permanent Farm Pet!
Male 9 yrs True Black Non-Breeder

Jr. Herdsire (Male)

Great Fancy / Multi Young Guy!
Jr. Herdsire (Male) 8 yrs White, Light Fawn Unproven
Beautiful Grey Multi Male!
Jr. Herdsire (Male) 9 yrs Dark Rose Grey Proven
Ask for Price
Our very curly brown boy!
Jr. Herdsire (Male) 7 yrs Medium Brown Unproven
Our pure black surprise!
Jr. Herdsire (Male) 7 yrs True Black Unproven
A future top stud!
Jr. Herdsire (Male) 7 yrs White Unproven
Man with the mustache!!
Jr. Herdsire (Male) 6 yrs True Black Unproven
Stunning White!
Jr. Herdsire (Male) 6 yrs White Unproven
Confirmed Rose-Grey!
Jr. Herdsire (Male) 6 yrs Medium Rose Grey Unproven
Our "Downie"!
Jr. Herdsire (Male) 5 yrs True Black Unproven

Herdsire (Male)

Proven Excellent Stud!
Herdsire (Male) 14 yrs Medium Fawn Proven
Deep Mahogany Brown Fellow!!
Herdsire (Male) 12 yrs Medium Brown Unproven
Proven Good Stud
Herdsire (Male) 12 yrs White, Dark Silver Grey Proven
Black Beauty!
Herdsire (Male) 10 yrs True Black Proven
A very reliable stud!
Herdsire (Male) 15 yrs White Proven
Beautiful fiber and excellent stud!
Herdsire (Male) 10 yrs True Black Proven
Long, dense staple length fibre!
Herdsire (Male) 9 yrs White, Dark Silver Grey Unproven
Our Toby!
Herdsire (Male) 15 yrs Medium Fawn Proven
Herdsire (Male) 6 yrs White, Light Fawn Unproven

Ccara Llamas


Beautiful Conformation!
Female 11 yrs Brown
Not for Sale
Our beautiful Rescue!
Female 19 yrs Multi - white / grey / brown
Not for Sale


Our Alpha Male!
Male 10 yrs White & Black
Not for Sale

Other Llamas


Guardian of the Girls!
Female 17 yrs White
Not for Sale


Guardian of the Big Boy Alpacas!
Male 17 yrs
Not for Sale

Suri Llamas


Our Multi Beauty!!
Female 12 yrs Apaloosa - Browns / Blacks / Whites
Not for Sale


Our first suri cria!
Male 6 yrs Steel grey / white markings
Not for Sale

Chilean Llamas


Our Tressie!!
Female 12 yrs Multi - White / Black / Brown
Not for Sale

Mixed Llamas

Cria Female

Mila & Chilli's sister - Allie!
Cria Female 2 yrs Grey Brown and White
Not for Sale
Our Miracle Girl!!
Cria Female 1 yr Mixed
Not for Sale

Cria Male

Our rescue surprise!!
Cria Male 1 yr White - Black - Calico
Not for Sale


Our "Mila"!!
Female 4 yrs Mixed
Not for Sale
Female 7 yrs Brown - White - Black
Not for Sale

Open (Female)

Open (Female) 8 yrs Brown - Black
Not for Sale
Open (Female) 4 yrs White with Brown patches
Not for Sale

Bred (Female)

Bred (Female) 3 yrs Light Brown
Not for Sale
Bred (Female) 3 yrs Medium Brown - White leg
Not for Sale
Bred (Female) 6 yrs Light Brown
Not for Sale
Bred (Female) 11 yrs Brown - White - Black
Not for Sale

Light Wool Llamas


One of the HP 5!!
Female 15 yrs Brown / Grey
Not for Sale
One of the Original HP5!
Female 12 yrs Medium Brown
Not for Sale
One of the HP5!
Female 12 yrs Brown
Not for Sale
One of the HP5!
Female 7 yrs Brown
Not for Sale
One of the HP5!
Female 4 yrs Brown
Not for Sale

Argentine Llamas


A very special re-homing!
Male 8 yrs Brown - Black
Not for Sale