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About Camelids

Llamas, Guanacos, Alpacas & Vicunas

Llamas – An Overview

Llamas are large domesticated South American camelids widely used as meat and pack animals by Andean cultures since pre-Hispanic times. A full-grown llama is from 1.7 to 1.8 meters (5.5 to 6.0 feet) tall at the top of its head, and can weigh between 130 and 200 kg (280 to 450 lbs). At birth, baby llamas (called cria) generally weigh between 9 and 14 kg (20 and 30 lbs). Llamas can live for about 20 to 30 years with good care. They are very social animals and live with other llamas a herd. The wool produced by a llama is very soft and lanolin-free. Llamas are very intelligent and can learn simple tasks after a few repetitions. When using a properly balanced and well-fitting pack they can carry approximately 24% to 30% of their body weight for 8 to 13 kilometres (5 to 8 miles). They are also very protective of their herd (which can include other animals such as alpacas or sheep) and will defend them vigorously against any intruder.



An excellent overview of llamas can be found at:




An excellent overview of Llamas, Alpacas, Guanacos and Vicunas can  be found at the following link:


Interesting Alpaca Information

  1. Alpacas are Therapeutic - Huggable, calm and happy, alpacas are favourites for many animal-based therapies.
  2. Alpacas are Lovers and not Loners - alpacas are herd animals requiring company and they can become very ill and even die if isolated.
  3. Alpacas share a Bathroom - they use communal dung piles, and some alpacas have been successfully house-trained!
  4. Alpacas do NOT Bite - they don't have upper front teeth, only a soft biting palet. They also do not have horns, hooves or claws.
  5. Alpacas can Spit - however, they do this rarely at people and only if provoked. An upset alpaca can blow acidic stomach contents up to 10 feet!
  6. Alpacas are ancient Status Symbols - the Incan nobility showed their wealth by the number of alpacas they owned.
  7. Alpacas are Multi-Coloured - there are 22 recognized colours of alpacas and over 300 shades of these colours!
  8. Many Celebrities love alpacas - including Robert Downey Jr., Nicole Kidman, Arnold Palmer, Frank Sinatra, and Bing Crosby.
  9. Alpacas are Environmentally Friendly - when they graze, they nibble only the top of the grass and other vegetation, and their feet are very soft with 2 toes rather than hooves - overall leaving the terrain they live on undamaged.
  10. Alpacas are Musicians - they communicate with each other through a melodic system of hums

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