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Serendipity Farm & Sanctuary - Alpacas & Llamas

A Safe Home for Healthy Happy Animals, Camelid Education and Experiences!

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Serendipity Farm & Sanctuary supports itself through revenues generated by our llama walks, farm tours and DONATIONS. 

As many of our resident animals are here in sanctuary care to live out their lives in a safe haven where they will be well-cared for and loved, we do rely on donations to help cover their feed, veterinary care, and any special needs they may have.

DONATIONS also help us make necessary improvements and cover the many repairs and maintenance expenses associated with running such a facility. Upcoming projects for summer 2022 include:

  • expanding the females grazing field by over 2 acres using secure no-climb fencing
  • creating another safe quarantine area for bringing in rescue / sanctuary  camelids of either sex
  • installing a small emergency generator capable of maintaining basic lights and fans in summer and heated buckets in winter during power outages


DONATIONS can be made by Interac e-transfer to: 




AND ... a big thank you for the generous support provided to Serendipity Farm & Sanctuary, Alpacas & Llamas by Alpaca Finance:

Alpaca Finance is a blockchain lending and savings platform where users can earn 5%+ interest in the form of a passive APY on digital USD or crypto assets. The platform is decentralized and supports open finance, bringing permissionless yet safe banking to the entire world. To give back, Alpaca Finance is donating $250,000 USD to animal rescues and other nature-oriented charities, since at the end of the day, Alpaca Finance is a product built by the people, for the people. Or as they like to say: by the alpacas, for the alpacas.

.... please follow this link to find out more about this great organization!! 

   Alpaca Finance:



Saturday, December 3, 2022