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Serendipity Farm & Sanctuary - Alpacas & Llamas

A Safe Home for Healthy Happy Animals, Camelid Education and Experiences!

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Serendipity Farm & Sanctuary supports itself through revenues generated by our llama walks, farm tours and DONATIONS. 

 We have a specail 2024 Fund Raiser now running in support of major Dental Surgery for our beautiful llama trekker "Chili" - please help if you can:

As many of our resident animals are here in sanctuary care to live out their lives in a safe haven where they will be well-cared for and loved, we do rely on donations to help cover their feed, veterinary care, and any special needs they may have.

DONATIONS also help us make necessary improvements and cover the many ongoing repairs and maintenance expenses associated with running a sanctuary for camelids.

DONATONS can be made as follows:


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Sanctuary Donations

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