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Serendipity Farm & Sanctuary - Alpacas & Llamas

A Safe Home for Healthy Happy Animals, Camelid Education and Experiences!

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Huacaya Alpacas

Open (Female)

A good mom and leader female
Open (Female) 14 yrs Light Fawn Proven
A Wonderful "People" Alpaca!
Open (Female) 17 yrs Medium Fawn Proven
Beautiful grey multi!
Open (Female) 13 yrs Dark Silver Grey Proven
Our Annie with Beautiful Black Fibre!
Open (Female) 8 yrs True Black Proven
Beautiful and fiesty white!
Open (Female) 11 yrs White Proven
Beautiful fine Mahogany fibre
Open (Female) 9 yrs Dark Brown Proven
A true sweetheart!!
Open (Female) 11 yrs Light Fawn Proven
Big Beautiful White Girl!!
Open (Female) 11 yrs White Unproven
Beautiful True Black!
Open (Female) 4 yrs True Black Unproven
Stunning Silky Fibre!
Open (Female) 4 yrs White Unproven
LeeLoo's first cria!
Open (Female) 6 yrs Bay Black Unproven
Big strong girl!
Open (Female) 7 yrs Light Fawn Unproven
Our 2014 golden girl!
Open (Female) 8 yrs Medium Fawn Proven
Good solid mom!
Open (Female) 15 yrs White Proven


A Farm Pet Forever!!
Male 9 yrs White, Medium Fawn Non-Breeder
A Permanent Farm Pet!
Male 8 yrs True Black Non-Breeder
Friendly companion and greeter!
Male 8 yrs Medium Brown Non-Breeder

Jr. Herdsire (Male)

A future top stud!
Jr. Herdsire (Male) 6 yrs White Unproven
Great Fancy / Multi Young Guy!
Jr. Herdsire (Male) 7 yrs White, Light Fawn Unproven
Stunning White!
Jr. Herdsire (Male) 5 yrs White Unproven
Our "Downie"!
Jr. Herdsire (Male) 4 yrs True Black Unproven
Confirmed Rose-Grey!
Jr. Herdsire (Male) 5 yrs Medium Rose Grey Unproven
Beautiful Grey Multi Male!
Jr. Herdsire (Male) 8 yrs Dark Rose Grey Proven
Ask for Price
Man with the mustache!!
Jr. Herdsire (Male) 5 yrs True Black Unproven
Our very curly brown boy!
Jr. Herdsire (Male) 6 yrs Medium Brown Unproven
Our pure black surprise!
Jr. Herdsire (Male) 6 yrs True Black Unproven

Herdsire (Male)

Proven Excellent Stud!
Herdsire (Male) 13 yrs Medium Fawn Proven
Black Beauty!
Herdsire (Male) 9 yrs True Black Proven
Deep Mahogany Brown Fellow!!
Herdsire (Male) 11 yrs Medium Brown Unproven
Proven Good Stud
Herdsire (Male) 11 yrs White, Dark Silver Grey Proven
A friendly Thor!
Herdsire (Male) 12 yrs Medium Fawn Unproven
Herdsire (Male) 5 yrs White, Light Fawn Unproven
Our Toby!
Herdsire (Male) 14 yrs Medium Fawn Proven
A very reliable stud!
Herdsire (Male) 14 yrs White Proven
Beautiful fiber and excellent stud!
Herdsire (Male) 9 yrs True Black Proven
Long, dense staple length fibre!
Herdsire (Male) 8 yrs White, Dark Silver Grey Unproven