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Interesting Alpaca Info!

Interesting things you probably did not know about alpacas!

  1. Alpacas are Therapeutic - Huggable, calm and happy, alpacas are favourites for many animal-based therapies.

  2. Alpacas are Lovers and not Loners - alpacas are herd animals requiring company and they can become very ill and even die if isolated.

  3. Alpacas share a Bathroom - they use communal dung piles, and some alpacas have been successfully house-trained!

  4. Alpacas do NOT Bite - they don't have upper front teeth, only a soft biting palet. They also do not have horns, hooves or claws.

  5. Alpacas can Spit - however, they do this rarely at people and only if provoked. An upset alpaca can blow acidic stomach contents up to 10 feet!

  6. Alpacas are ancient Status Symbols - the Incan nobility showed their wealth by the number of alpacas they owned.

  7. Alpacas are Multi-Coloured - there are 22 recognized colours of alpacas and over 300 shades of these colours!

  8. Many Celebrities love alpacas - including Robert Downey Jr., Nicole Kidman, Arnold Palmer, Frank Sinatra, and Bing Crosby.

  9. Alpacas are Environmentally Friendly - when they graze, they nibble only the top of the grass and other vegetation, and their feet are very soft with 2 toes rather than hooves - overall leaving the terrain they live on undamaged.

  10. Alpacas are Musicians - they communicate with each other through a melodic system of hums.

Updated October 26, 2016